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Hi! I am Stephen.

Stephen O'Keefe in a burgundy jacket leaning towards the camera

There’s one thing you need to know about me.  I was born with a profound hearing loss, and the doctors told my parents I’d never speak.  And here I am talking to you about how to listen better.  The irony is delicious.  Kind of like a blind person giving you decorating tips?


You’d be surprised at what you’d learn.  I’m also surprised at how little people know about listening. 


Listening is my superpower.  


I’ve used to run a national manufacturing business which supplied Fortune 500 companies.  To practice law.   To perform stand up comedy on national television.   


Listening is a fundamental skill for inclusion, better relationships, and increased productivity. And I’m all about inclusion and making sure others are included.  Because I’ve seen the other side of inclusion, given my hearing loss.  Where I’ve been left out of many discussions.  Treated as an outsider.   


Today, I’m here to work with you to develop outstanding listening skills. My methods which are based on leading-edge research, tested and proven over years of professional and personal experience, provide you with pragmatic and strategic solutions.   

PS. if you want a much more personal bio, just click on this 

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