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World Class Leadership Starts with World Class Listening: How a Deaf Person Can Teach You to Listen Better

World class leadership starts with world class listening. When you have outstanding listening skills, you’re able to understand the other person’s perspective, connect with them, and influence them.

Ironically, although Stephen is deaf, he has a lot to share with you on how to be a world class listener. The auditory input is only a tiny piece of the puzzle.


Based on an expanded version of his inspiring and humorous TEDx talk, which has been translated into twenty languages, Stephen challenges you to become a world class listener.

You'll laugh, you'll learn, and you'll be inspired.

Why Prada Beats Speech Therapy: 
How to Stop Labelling and Biases

Labelling and biases cause conflict and create barriers to connecting with others. It also causes us to underestimate what others can do and inversely causes others to underestimate what we can do. In addition, it makes organizations less inclusive, which affects productivity and employee retention.

In this humorous and informative talk, Stephen will share with you his personal experiences of bias and labels as a deaf person. Based on current research, you’ll master techniques on how to stop labelling others and how to prevent others from doing the same to you. In addition, you’ll learn tools which you can apply to your organization.

You’ll also find out why a Prada suit is better than speech therapy.

The Sound of Change:
How to Turn Barriers into Opportunities

Stephen shares with you lessons and experiences which help you put your challenges into perspective, and provides you with tools to turn barriers into opportunities.    


Drawing on his experiences in overcoming his hearing impairment where the doctors told Stephen’s parents that he’d never be able to speak,  growing a manufacturing business from near bankruptcy to a national presence, performing stand up comedy on national television, and doing a popular TEDx talk, Stephen’s keynote is a blend of humor, storytelling, inspiration, and practical points.


He’ll be able to show you how to shift your mindset for personal growth, and to find opportunities in adversity, by helping you focus on what you can do.  It’s all about the power of your perception.


Best Strategies for Effective Communication with the Public

In this interactive and fun workshop, you will be able to communicate effectively with the public using non-verbal communication techniques, conflict de-escalation, and active listening.  


This workshop is ideal for anyone who interacts with the public frequently, whether they’re sales associates, customer service representatives, or government employees.


Effective communication with the public has numerous benefits such as increased sales, better customer satisfaction, and fewer insurance claims.

Intercultural Issues in Communication

 Many communication issues are caused by cultural misunderstandings and perspectives, which can be costly to businesses, and can lead to workplace conflicts, and breakdowns in negotiations.


Stephen’s humorous and informative keynote, is based on his experiences managing an intercultural team of employees, travelling to over 50 countries and six continents, growing up with a hearing impairment, and practical insights.


You’ll walk away with a much better understanding of the nuances that culture plays in communication issues, whether it’s body language, or cultural norms, and you’ll minimize making mistakes when communicating with others.